Following  completion of the grading confirmation phase (rounds 5 and 6), Frankston Basketball is undertaking final grading review of all Saturday ‘Fratelli Frankston’ Junior Domestic Competitions. Full season fixtures will be available Thursday 06/06/19. Please remember: Teams looking to pay a fu... [MORE]

3X3 Hustle – Introduction

3x3 HUSTLE - INTRODUCTION This is 3x3 Hustle. It's a system formed through the NBL and Basketball Australia creating a pathway from the streets to the pros, all the way through to the Olympics. 3x3Hustle is a convenient game for anyone anywhere. Lace them up, bring a ball – it’s time to Hustle. 3X3 IS THE NAME... [MORE]

UNDERSTAND THE RULE – Dribble and Control

I want to take a look at control of the ball, dribbling and what happens when a player loses control of the ball then what they are then allowed to do to regain it. This is another area of frustration from referees who hear the constant yell of “Carry”, “Double Dribble” or even “Travel” when a player is ... [MORE]


Your job as a basketball coach is to be supportive and enthusiastic, always praising and encouraging your team to build their confidence. Self-confidence is a gift that lasts for years and impacts how kids approach life away from the basketball court. Use these coaching tips for boosting players’ confidence: W... [MORE]

Frankston Basketball Domestic Club Logo Bracket Competition

Over the month of June Frankston Basketball is running a bracket competition for all its Fratelli Frankston Junior Domestic Clubs, to find out who has the best logo. The prize for the winner will be for the entire club. Free tickets to NBL1 game Sunday 7th July v. Southern Sabres Subject to capacity. ... [MORE]