Junior Domestic Competitions


Fixtures, Ladders & Results

Games times and venues are available online at the FDBA website. Fixtures are subject to change and should be checked regularly. Teams are advised NOT to print fixtures.

Competitions Offered

Girls Competitions:

  • U8, U9, U10, U12 & U14 – Saturday
  • U16, U18 & U23 – Monday after school

Boys Competitions:

  • U8, U9, U10, U12 & U14 – Saturday
  • U16 – Wednesday after school
  • U18 & U23 – Thursday after school

Competition Schedule

  • Timing – 2 x 18minute halves / 45 minute schedule
  • Venues – Frankston Stadium, Langwarrin Stadium (EMC) and Flinders College and John Paul College (subject to competition size)
  • U8, U9, U10, U12 & U14 (Saturday) – Games are played between 8:30am – 7:00pm. Generally U8 – U10 games are scheduled from 8:30am, U12 in the early afternoon and U14 from mid-afternoon.nal games conclude with U12/U14 no later than 5:30pm (approx.)
  • U16, U18 & U23 (Mid-Week competitions) – Games are genereally scheduled at 4:45pm, 5:30pm & 6:15pm. 7.00pm games may be scheduled if required. The majority of games for these age groups are scheduled at Frankston Stadium, with Langwarrin used subject to total entries received each season.

Season Dates & Structure

  • Summer Season – Term 4 and Term 1 of Victorian School term dates.
  • Winter Season – Term 2 and Term 3 of Victorian School term dates.
  • Competition Dates – Games are not scheduled on public holidays or school holidays. Refer to competition calendars for exact dates of current season.
  • Grading Phase – First four rounds of season. These games do not count towards season ladder.
  • Finals Phase – Top 4 in two round playoff format.


FDBA welcomes registrations from new and existing teams. The registration period will be open for twice a year leading up to the commencement of the Winter and Summer seasons. All teams and players in FDBA Junior/Under Age Competitions (U8 – U23)  must register with an affiliated local club. A list of clubs and contacts can be found HERE



Match Fees

  • U8 – U10 = $50.00
  • U12 – U16 = $55.00
  • U18 – U23 = $60.00

Forfeit Fines

Based on member feedback teams wanted a deterrent for forfeits as it was an inconvenience for teams and this deterrent was to apply fines at above the normal team sheet rate. The FDBA are often bound to pay referees; incur fixed cost expenses even when forfeits are pre-notified. Notifying teams once a forfeit has been advised adds an administrative burden on the FDBA. The FDBA will endeavor to accommodate all prior requests, but can not guarantee game times can be changed. FDBA understands that unforeseen circumstances can arise whereby it may not be possible to play. With advanced warning (at least 1 week) the FDBA will endeavor to assist to help ensure the scheduled match can proceed. Notifying the FDBA the day before or the day you cannot play, is not advanced warning.

  • U8 – U10 = $100.00
  • U12 – U16 = $110.00
  • U18 – U23 = $120.00

Un-notified forfeits incur an additional $40 administration fee.


* All fees correct as of Winter 2018 competition


All teams and their members must be familiar with FDBA Competition By-Laws and Basketball Victoria Codes of Conduct. These documents are available from the FDBA website.

By registering and playing at FDBA all members agree to the following;

  • The team will abide by the FDBA By-Laws.
  • The team will comply with BV Codes of Conduct.
  • The team will comply with all requirements in relation to Working With Children Check legislation.
  • The team will ensure that all fees, match payments and fines incurred will be paid promptly.