Junior Domestic Fill-in Rule Reminder

Published on: Nov 27 2019
Author: FDBA

Dear members,

Please make note of the following reminder regarding junior players registration and fill-in rules:

  • Clubs seeking to register a junior player after the fourth round of the season must notify the FDBA office
  • Fill-in players may be used to bring the team up to a maximum of six players
  • Fill-ins cannot be used from the same division (eg an U12 Boys C1 player cannot fill-in for another U12 Boys C1 team)
  • Fill-ins can only play in a higher graded team than their regular team in the same age group (eg an U10 Girls B Grade player may fill in for an U10 A grade team but not C or D grade teams)
  • Rep players may only fill-in for another absent rep player in A or B grade competitions

It is important to understand these rules, if a team uses an ineligible player that match will be recorded as 20-0 forfeit in favour of the opposing team.

If in doubt speak to the venue supervisor or FDBA office.

Full policy available below:

Junior Fill-in Player Policy

Dion Paull – Competitions Coordinator