Heat Policy Reminder

Published on: Nov 20 2019
Author: FDBA

Dear members,

With warm weather upon us please make yourself familiar with the Frankston Basketball Heat Policy

In summary:

When court temp reaches 35°C:

  • game time will be reduced by 2 minutes per half (16 minute halves)
  • the clock must stop for each timeout and the referee must call an additional compulsory timeout close to the half way mark in each half
  • each team must call a timeout before the compulsory timeout and after the compulsory timeout. In the event the coaches do not call a timeout as required, the referees will intervene and call a timeout and attribute them to the respective teams

When court temp reaches 40°C:

  • games are abandoned
  • match scores will be recorded as 0-0 draw as specified in section 6.7 of the FDBA Competition By-Laws