Grand Final Week and Spectator Behaviour

Published on: Sep 16 2019
Author: FDBA

Dear members,

This week concludes the Winter season with Grand Finals across all of our junior domestic competitions.

This will be a time where the young players will do their best and should feel they are in a fun and safe environment.

FDBA encourages parents and spectators to support your children but  please be mindful not ruin it for them by being negative towards officials or opposition teams.

Unfortunately we have just experienced some unacceptable spectator behaviour during Semi Finals over the weekend.

The referees that are selected to officiate this week are being rewarded for their efforts over the course of the season.

However, in the main they are also young people not much older than the children playing the games they are officiating.

It is natural that occasionally they will interpret things differently than others but like the players they are doing their best.

We ask all parents to support their child’s involvement, but do not criticise referees or the opposition.

The children do not appreciate it and as an Association we will not stand for it.

There is zero tolerance for unacceptable behaviour.



Dion Paull

Competitions Coordinator


Wayne Holdsworth

General Manager