Winter 2019 Finals Qualification

Published on: Aug 01 2019
Author: FDBA

In progress senior team finals qualification summaries have been emailed to all team delegates.

As per FDBA By-Laws; “To qualify for finals a player must have played a minimum of 50% of regular season games with their team in the current competition. This includes grading games. Byes do not count towards qualification. All players added to the match in Stadium Scoring will be credited with a game.” (DOMESTIC COMPETITION BY-LAWS Section 7.10)

Senior Team Finals Qualification Summaries:

Please note: Players highlighted in green have qualified. Players highlighted in blue may qualify if they play the specified number of remaining games. Players highlighted in red cannot qualify.

If you believe there is an issue with a player record please contact the FDBA office.

Duplicate profiles occur when a player is added to stadium scoring and name and DOB do not exactly match, these can be merged to consolidate games

Please contact the FDBA office for all senior player qualification enquiries via email

Junior teams are required to contact your club delegates for finals qualification information.