Published on: May 01 2019
Author: FDBA

One goal as coach is to keep your basketball practices fun while maximising time with your players. You can accomplish this by running practices that continually challenge, entertain, and motivate your kids while developing skills. To enhance your players’ enjoyment of basketball and have fun at practice, try these tips:

  • Give each child plenty of repetitions.

  • Keep the kids active; don’t force them to stand in lines.

  • Involve the parents in drills to rev up the excitement.

  • Sprinkle your practices with new drills throughout the season to keep the kids’ interest.

  • If drills turn out to be boring or ineffective, discard them and switch to new ones.

  • Give the kids the chance to select their favorite drills to use during practice.

  • Solicit feedback and ideas from older kids on drills you should use.

  • Stop practice briefly to point out when players do things well — not when they make mistakes.

  • Applaud the slightest improvements to maintain your kids’ efforts.

  • Conclude practice with the most popular drill to end the session on a high note.