Why You Should Become a Basketball Coach

Published on: Apr 05 2019
Author: FDBA

Basketball Coaching Can Be Highly Fulfilling

With ‘Fratelli Frankston’ Junior Domestic Summer Season about to end, and the new season about to begin, you may have always wanted to take up the mantle of a coach for your child’s team and doing it now may be a good time as ever.

Coaching a junior Basketball team may seem easy at first thought, but as a major authority of a dynamic sports team, you may find this assumption a great understatement.  All parents understand that managing a child is not an easy task. However, the role of a coach can be highly fulfilling and the time you put in is rewarded tenfold!

1.     Coaching is Fun and Empowering

What’s better than watching the kid who could barely bounce a ball when you started, become your team’s top scorer? As a coach, you have the opportunity to see these kinds of transformations all the time. It’s empowering to be able to help children grow both as individuals and as a team.

2.     Personal Self Development

You’ll be surprised at how many skills you can learn and improve upon as a coach. You might think that you’re only helping your team improve their games and maybe their social skills, but the truth is that you’ll go through some personal development too.

Being a basketball coach forces you to grow and learn patience. Whether this is when you’re working with your team and learning new ways of dealing with irritation and conflict because you can’t simply lose your temper. You will need to learn to use good negotiation tactics and communications skills.

3.      Create Lifelong Relationships

The children you coach won’t forget the role you play in their lives. It can be years later and you will still have contact with either them or their parents. These valuable relationships are proof that coaches have the ability to shape lives.

4.      Be a Mentor

First and foremost, coaches are mentors, and you can never forget it. While it may be easy to get caught up in the adrenaline of the game, a good coach has to be able to make the little decisions all the time to ensure that each player’s needs are met. As a mentor, building kids up and giving them the tools, they need to succeed is a top priority.

Considering all this, the moment the team comes together and learns to work cohesively and reach the same goal is undoubtedly an exhilarating feeling for any coach, and YOU could be in this position.