Basketball Victoria Registration Project

Published on: Nov 29 2017
Author: FDBA

AFTER widespread consultation with member associations, presidents, CEOs and other members of our basketball community, Basketball Victoria is set to deliver wide-spread changes to our registration systems throughout metropolitan regions.


As the times change, so must our sport to keep up with ever-evolving technological, governmental and societal demands.

The Basketball Victoria Registration Project is designed to align Victoria with an individual registration system and equitable fee structure, providing an accurate whole-of-state database to assist with all levels of member servicing and competition management.

This project will benefit the entire basketball community as it provides a clear and consistent user experience for all participants, clubs and associations, as well as providing extra resources across the technology support for association and facility development.

We’re following the recommendations of our community. 87 per cent of participants want a simple fee structure with a quick and easy registration experience. On top of that, 92 per cent think it is important to access individual statistics and scores.

With a clear majority of associations voting for the proposed changes at our State Conference on Sunday, the Basketball Victoria Registration Project will now go ahead. The project will change how basketball operates from grassroots all the way through to our elite teams at the association level.

The project is set to deliver the short and long term future of basketball in Victoria. It will underpin all strategic, commercial, resourcing and facility planning for the foreseeable future. The reforms will provide all levels of the sport with the necessary data to prioritise and deploy resourcing in an efficient manner, while allowing associations and clubs the flexibility and independence to create their own membership or registration packages.

We anticipate the changes to the new registration process to begin implementation by winter 2019.